Head2ToeRecycling - Corporate Social Responsibility

Your business can create a legacy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) when you Rethink Recycling. CSR is now an essential part of any business plan because customers want to patronize companies that are socially responsible, and people want to work for businesses that are positively engaged in their communities. When you are a CSR leader, you are setting yourself above your competitors and demonstrating that you respect and value profit as well as the town where you operate. Corporate social responsibility will increase your profit margin because it’s an opportunity to display and promote something your customers and the public want, social responsibility.

Your employees are ambassadors for your business in the community, and you have the chance to increase employee engagement in a recycling program that will be tailored to your business, goals and your team. All you have to do is order a box of Easy Solution Bags to distribute to your employees and ask them to do their part in helping your company promote sustainability. They will fill the bags with unwanted clothing, accessories, shoes and mobile phones they no longer need. Your involvement and theirs will help U.S. charities, our planet, and micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations who are seeking economic paths out of poverty for themselves.

Call us at 407-930-2979 or complete the Contact US form to discuss how we can help your business create custom CSR and employee engagement opportunities, based on your specific needs that provide you with a competitive advantage. Positively impact your bottom line and brand awareness in your community.