What is Head2Toe Recycling?

Head2Toe Recycling serves corporations, retailers, and individuals in creating sustainable solutions. As a result of our work, we help charities, the planet, and people in developing nations. We make an impact by recycling consumer textiles and mobile phones. Head2Toe Recycling also offers business opportunities to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. We don’t give away the merchandise collected in the U.S. If you give away stuff in developing countries, you destroy markets. So, we find it better to support micro-entrepreneurs in creating their sustainable work opportunities. The business owners sell reused cell phones, clothing, accessories, and shoes for profit. In sum, we create jobs for people around the world, but also people in the U.S.

Why should I recycle my clothing and shoes?

Consumers contribute the most to landfills, especially with textiles and electronic devices. And, we know that’s terrible for the environment. Instead, if people and businesses recycled, they would improve the environment. But, they would also give people in developing nations shoes, clothing, accessories and cell phones to sell. More than 70% of the global population wears reused clothing. To learn more of the scoop of why people and businesses need to recycle, read about the reality we face on our planet.

Why should I recycle my cell phone and related clothing accessories?

When you recycle your cell phone, it reduces toxins and keeps mobiles from landfills. And, it also helps conserve natural resources because of the reuse of materials. Also, a report by the International Telecommunications Union says 89% of people in developing countries own cell phones. In other words, it’s a vital necessity. For instance, people need mobile phones for money transfers. And recycled cell phones are less expensive for people to buy in developing countries. For more information about our environmental challenges, please visit our Head2Toe Recycling Scoop page.

What is recycling?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.” Some of the benefits include the reduction of waste in landfills. And also, the prevention of pollution, and the creation of job opportunities.

What type of clothing and shoes do you accept?

Head2Toe Recycling accepts clothes, accessories, and shoes that are in reusable condition. Remember, small business owners in developing nations sell the merchandise in their communities. So, the items have to be in sellable condition. For more information about the types of clothing and shoes we accept, please refer to our What Can I Send page.

What kind of mobile phone do you accept?

We accept all unwanted mobile phones and chargers. But, we do not take tablets and other electronic devices. When you give your old cell phone, please reset it to factory settings. And, don’t forget to wipe out all the data for your protection. If you’d like a quick look at what we accept, please visit our What Can I Send page.

How does my favorite charity get paid?

The items you send us turn into funds for a worthy cause in the United States. Once we receive and process your things, your designated charity will get a check. At present, your merchandise can help support 5 national charities. Those include, Feed the Children, Wounded Warrior Project, and American Cancer Society. Also, ASPCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Head2Toe Recycling gives 75 percent of the net profit to your chosen charity. And, that’s one of the highest rates in the recycling industry. Finally, the contribution made is in your name.

Can I only choose a charity on your list, or can the funds go to another cause?

For the moment, Head2Toe Recycling only issues a check to our partner national charities. Those include, Feed the Children, Wounded Warrior Project, and American Cancer Society. Also, ASPCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. To learn more about the work they do every day, please check out our Giving page.

Where does the stuff I send to Head2Toe Recycling go?

Head2Toe Recycling issues a check to your chosen charity from our partners. We give the check in your name after receiving the clothing, accessories, shoes and mobile phones. After, it’s consolidated with those of others who want to help create sustainable solutions. And, once that happens, we ship it to micro-entrepreneurs around the world. So, by giving us your unwanted items, you’re giving a hand-up, and not just a hand-out. In other words, the stuff you give becomes the merchandise small business owners sell. Find out more about our micro-enterprise work on our Legacy page.

What kind of stuff can I put into the Tidy Up Bag, or not?

We accept clothing, related accessories, shoes, and unwanted cell phones. As a reminder, when giving old mobile phones, make sure to wipe it clean of data and reset to factory settings. For a complete list of what Head2Toe Recycling accepts, please refer to our What Can I Send page.

Can I send my stuff in a box instead of an Tidy Up Bag?

Unfortunately, because of the way we process the shipments, it’s essential to use the Tidy Up Bag. Head2Toe Recycling cannot accept shipments sent to us in boxes or non-approved packaging.

Do I have to separate the clothing from shoes, accessories or mobile phones?

There’s no need to separate anything. Just fill the Tidy Up Bag with all the clothes, shoes, accessories, and cell phones you want. Then, send it all to Head2Toe Recycling.

Why do I have to pay for my Tidy Up Bag and also for the shipping?

At Head2Toe Recycling, we’re all about sustainable solutions. So, we want to offer micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations business opportunities. In sum, it means we have to have a solid business model for them and us to create a profitable pipeline of inventory.

Why don’t you just give away the clothing, accessories, shoes and cell phones I contribute to you?

The answer is simple. We don’t want to destroy business for people in developing countries. Head2Toe Recycling is about sustainable solutions for our planet and also people. If we gave away the stuff, we would destroy micro-enterprise businesses in developing nations. Who can compete if everything is free? So, to protect commerce, municipalities create laws. Those rules outlaw the practice of dumping free merchandise. Instead, we’re about creating opportunities and hope. And, we do this by giving micro-entrepreneurs a hand-up rather than just a hand-out.

How do I get my stuff to you?

There are two ways you can join many others and become part of a sustainable solution. To get started, you simply have to order our Tidy Up Bag, fill it up and then drop it off at any UPS location for shipping to us. The shipping address for the Head2Toe Recycling warehouse is 6457 Hazeltine National Dr. Suite 115, Orlando, FL 32822. If you happen to be in the Orlando area, we also accept drop-offs at our warehouse. Unfortunately, because of liability reasons, we do not take any drop-offs at our World Headquarters.

Do you have any drop-off locations?

At present, if you’re in the Orlando area. Head2Toe Recycling accepts drop-offs at our warehouse. We’re at 6457 Hazeltine National Dr. Suite 115, Orlando, FL 32822. We do not accept drop-offs at our World Headquarters for liability and insurance reasons. If you have any questions, reach us at 407.784.6290.

How can I get started sending you my clothing, accessories, shoes and cell phones?

It’s easy! All you have to do is visit our Get Started page. Select one of five nonprofit charities to receive the funds for your stuff. Order your Tidy Up Bag(s). Then, fill them up and then ship it to us from any UPS store or drop it off at the Head2Toe Recycling Warehouse. If you have any questions about shipping, please call us by at 407.784.6290.

Is there a weight limit for my Tidy Up Bag as I prepare it for shipment?

Yes, there is a weight limit to ensure the safe transport and shipment of your bag(s). Head2Toe Recycling asks that every Tidy Up Bag be no more than 30 lbs.