Both businesses and individuals have an opportunity to Rethink Recycling with Head2Toe Recycling. Join the revolution and change what your community thinks about recycling. It’s not just about sorting your bottles. It’s also about taking the clothing you no longer want to have in your closet, related accessories, shoes, and mobile phones and helping to create a sustainable legacy. Millions of people around the world use these reusable items and purchase them from micro-entrepreneurs who need to develop self-sustaining businesses to help themselves out of poverty. Also, when you’re socially aware and don’t just throw away your items, charities in the U.S. receive a check in your name toward their vital work. You’ll also be helping the environment because you won’t be throwing reusable items into the trash, which end up in landfills harming the environment.

You have the chance today to change the course of someone else’s life; you can do it today. If you’re an individual, empty your closets and give these items a new lease on life. If you’re a business, step up your corporate social responsibility and employee engagement programs in a way that is not going to cost you anything. Be the leader in your community in a world that is increasingly socially aware and responsible.

If you’re ready to get started now or need more information, contact us.