Head2Toe Recycling - Legacy

Sustainability Simplified with a Hand-Up

There are nearly 8 billion people on our planet, and according to the World Bank, 10 percent of the global population survives on less than $1.90. In 2015, the former United Nation’s Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said we had all of the resources in our generation to eradicate poverty. With 70 percent of the global population using recycled clothing, we can Rethink Recycling and lift up thousands of men, women, and children who live in poverty around the world with a hand-up.

Head2Toe Recycling partners with at least 4,000 micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations who sell recycled shoes, clothes, clothing accessories, and mobile phones. We provide inventory for them to sell from what we collect from retailers, businesses, and individuals in the U.S. Many people don’t know this, but if we gave-away unwanted items in developing nations, we risk destroying the local economies, further pushing people into poverty. By flooding the market with free items, local commerce is ruined. As great as charity can be, the challenge of eradicating poverty is much more significant than giving away free things.

Instead, when you join our recycling revolution, you’re helping us to build sustainable economies in developing countries around the world. Micro-entrepreneurs can help themselves out of poverty by selling the merchandise you send to us for recycling. It’s that simple. People who live in poverty need opportunities, which help ignite the light of hope. Help us leave a lasting legacy in giving a hand-up to thousands around the world who want the dignity and opportunity to help themselves with a job and micro-business.

Find out how you can make a difference that will help American charities, the planet, and people who are impoverished in developing nations.